Should You Invest In Bespoke Mirrors For Your Home?

 When it comes to decorating your home, everybody strives for their ideal balance of style, practicality, and personality. Yet when looking for accents and statement pieces alike, most simply head down to their local furniture store, or browse online and choose items identical to a hundred others. More and more savvy, style-conscious shoppers however have begun to turn away from the carbon-copies to bespoke items, and for good reason. Mirrors are just one of these ‘everyday’ furniture items where we believe bespoke is better, and here is why:

Made to fit any home, any size, and any style

No two properties are the same. With mass produced mirrors, finding one which fits perfectly in your space is a lottery at the best of times. Throw in the desire for something that fits your need and personal style, and it is no wonder people end up settling for less than perfect.

With a bespoke piece however, we manufacture each mirror around your specifications. From the smallest room in the house, to the largest dance-studio, inviting entryways and brightening halls, we can create a beautiful mirror that makes the most of any space and highlights your individual design. Our experts can even help with advice on placement to make it really shine.

Tailored to your needs

Designing your own gym or in-home studio and need full-length mirrors to accurately assess your technique? Needing mirrors to provide light to your commercial space/ office to boost morale and productivity? Creating your very own fashion studio, complete with catwalk? Simply wanting to make a lasting impression when guests step foot in your home? We can work with you to make your dream a reality.

Light matters

Everyone knows that natural sunlight is a natural mood-booster and boosts the body’s vitamin D. But not everyone knows how to maximise the light potential in their home or commercial space. Even tight corridors have amazing potential to let the sunlight in with a well-placed mirror. Both commercial and home offices can be made brighter and to look more spacious too, and with so many of us working from home either by choice or circumstance, this can provide a major increase in both productivity and personal mental health. No-one wants to be trapped in a box, especially when staring at the harsh glare of a bright computer screen.

Make it your own

Show your style and flair and make a creative statement or bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. Our bespoke mirrors can add the finishing touch to your existing interior or can be the starting point of your journey. Whether you are looking to create an elegant dining room, highlight a stunning fireplace, add some sparkle to your dresser or make your space feel just that little bit more spacious, open and bright.


A bespoke mirror can help you tie the elements of any room together, highlighting its surroundings or becoming a stand-out piece of art all by itself.

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