• Available in a solid colour digital printed image or mirrored glass finish

  • Custom fit to any desired width or length

  • Professionally fitted by our team of experienced installers

  • Available in a huge variety of colours or with a digitally printed image option

Bespoke Glass Solutions Adding to Your Kitchen’s Appeal

At Surbiton Glass, our mission is to deliver valuable customer service skills to all customers. Setting out to meet the individual preferences of all clients, we facilitate flexibility and suit our services around their requirements, ensuring they are satisfied with the services provided to them. Innovative designs can offer the ultimate transformation to any domestic or commercial property, they complement style with effervescence and supply any confined space with invigoration and enrichments. Available in a variety of different finishes and colours, their polished finish invites artistic benefits to any kitchen in need of smartening up.

Made-to-order and customisable, if you have a particular vision in mind regarding the type of glass splashback you’d like to be installed, we highly recommend informing our specialists of these requirements to ensure we can tailor our services around these inclinations. Advising clients on a daily basis about the design aspect of our glass splashbacks, our specialists attain profound knowledge and skilled talents within the glass solution industry.

Logical and Simple Installation Process

Adopting a logical approach to each renovation project, the process we follow is simple. Acquiring a team of design specialists, Surbiton Glass guarantee that the structural glazing we install is professionally secured and adeptly available for customisation. Practicality is vital when dealing with installations and our professionals are totally capable of performing an outstanding fitting operation. If clients require any cut-outs for sockets, taps etc in their glass splashbacks; inform us of these preferences and our friendly representatives will ensure that these requirements are adhered to during the installation process.

When fitting glass splashbacks in London and Surrey, we work around the busy schedules of clients, ensuring we pursue no additional disruption to their day-to-day routine.

Adding Ideal Benefits to Your Kitchen

Creating advances and advantages to any kitchen’s interior, our bespoke solutions are of the highest quality and add a touch of luxury to your central theme. Mirrored or coloured, our splashbacks are innovative. If you’re looking to modernise your home or office space, the versatility of our glass clarifications is the perfect addition.

Easy to Maintain: Our glass solutions are hygienic, easy to clean and require very little preservation. Creating a seamless finish for cleaning and polishing, in comparison to traditional tiles, our splashbacks only require a simple wipe over to ensure they are kept sleek and glossy.

Versatility: Installed in a variety of different colours and finishes, the adaptability of our glass solutions is perfect for those looking to customise their individual splashbacks to suit the theme of their kitchen.

Heat Resistant: Manufacturing each of our glass solutions with tempered glass, the impact resistance of our solutions is much higher than non-toughened glass. Many clients who have previously enquired about our splashbacks explain that they are worried that their solution will warp as a result of extensive periods of use. This isn’t the case with Surbiton Glass as we can guarantee that their resistant materials are sturdy and well-made.

What type of splashback is best?

There is now so much choice when it comes to splashbacks, that your options are much more than tiles or stainless steel. If you’re looking for a splashback option that stands out from the crowd, is easy to clean and hard-wearing, then glass is the way to go.

A glass splashback affords you so many options, you can opt for clear glass, mirrored or an artwork, image or design of your choice printed behind the glass. This gives your kitchen a truly unique edge that stands out from every other home, so whether you want something that matches the design of your room or of beloved holiday destination or memory, we can create your glass splashback bespoke to your needs. As well as this, it’s hygienic, easy to maintain and heat resistant so you really do get both style and substance. All our glass is tempered too, so it will stand the test of time.

Are splashbacks easy to clean?

Glass splashbacks are one of the easiest splashback options to maintain and are also more hygienic than some other options. The glass can easily be cleaned between uses with a simple wipe from a damp cloth and kitchen cleaner, we recommend using an anti-bacterial one to keep your kitchen area safe and hygienic.

Unlike some materials, you shouldn’t need to scrub too hard to remove stubborn stains and our tempered glass is up to the challenge. Our glass splashbacks are tough and hardwearing as well as heat resistant so will stand the test of time and any splashes that come into contact with it.

“Very professional from start to finish. I asked for a quote which was organised immediately. The timeline was exact and the work carried out very professionally. I was delighted with the overall result.”

Mr & Mrs Parsons

Thames Ditton

Surbiton Glass Are Available to Install Your Glass Splashback

Acquiring a range of multi-purpose and resourceful glass splashbacks, they are made from the finest materials and are expertly crafted for easy maintenance, aesthetic assistances and high levels of durability. Small changes can make major differences to both commercial and domestic properties. Our glass splashbacks in London and Surrey are one of the most popular options for those looking to improve and enhance their existing interior. We highly recommend utilising the services of a professional installation company to certify that the final outcome is of the highest and best quality.

Can you fit splashbacks in my kitchen?

Here at Surbiton Glass, we work with a wide range of clients all over London and Surrey. Our splashbacks are made to measure, so you will be able to have them installed no matter the size of your kitchen. We’ll come to your property and measure up, and then go from there.

No kitchen is too big or small for our expert design team, and they will work with you to design and install a bespoke splashback. So if your kitchen has unusual dimensions and you have been struggling to find a way to update it, our splashbacks could be ideal.

When you order a bespoke, made to measure splashback from us, you can count on expert installation too. We’ll take care of every aspect of installing your splashbacks, doing the hard work so you don’t have to. As you can see, we’ve attracted rave reviews in the process from delighted clients.

We’ll always work as quickly and efficiently as we can to install your new splashbacks, so you can enjoy your transformed kitchen space as soon as possible. Our team will cause very little disruption while they’re on your property too, allowing you to relax and go about your day.

The possibilities are endless when you order a bespoke splashback from us! We have a huge range of colours and finishes for you to choose from.

If you want something really different, then we even have a digitally printed image option. So there is sure to be something that is perfect for your space.

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