• ‘Secure All’ multipoint locking ensures maximum security
  • Toughened glass and internal bead ensures both security and safety
  • Custom designed to suit your design needs – over 180 colours available
  • Expert fitting

Benefits of Sliding Doors verses Regular Doors

Sliding doors are often considered better than regular ones. Other than giving your home a glamourous feel, our sliding doors have additional advantages which makes them better than regular doors. Some of these include:

Efficient Insulators: Stay snuggled and cosy during the winter season, as our sliding doors are designed to encapsulate the warmth of your home as our frames are specially constructed with “thermal breaks.” You’ll no longer have to worry about drafts, as our specialists will prevent all possibility of the cold entering your home, ensuring that your home stays warm through the winter.

Appealing to the eye: If they are installed properly, they can be an attractive feature to your home, making it appear more prosperous and inviting. By adding a glass entry to your wall, more natural light will be able to fill the room; Whereas regular entrances can often look bland and give your room a claustrophobic and box-room feel.

Security: This new attraction is not only impressive to look at, but also secure and practical. Our sliding doors are fitted with toughened glass and internal beads to ensure your safety and security. In addition to this, our doors are also installed with a ‘Secure All’ multipoint locking system, guaranteeing that your property will be protected as this is key when having new doors installed into your home.

Accessibility and Usability: Sliding doors also save you a lot of space in comparison to regular ones as they are installed onto rails. Our doors do not have an opening, unlike regular doors. Due to this, you’ll be able to design your interior without any restrictions and our sliding doors are fitted to make them user friendly. There is no heavy pushing or pulling action, just simply glide the doors along the rail to use.

Features of our Sliding Doors

Our premium sliding doors will allocate a touch of class and sophistication to your home, whilst being efficient and practical for small living spaces. Here at Surbiton Glass, you can choose from a selection of bespoke patio sliding doors that are custom made to your requirements. We offer expert advice as to which system would suit your particular situation. They are specifically installed by our specialists, eliminating all stress and bother on your behalf. Our range of sliding doors are custom designed to suit your creative needs. There are over 180 colours available for you to choose from and they are exclusively tailored to fit your property just the way you like it.

Installing our Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be installed both internally and externally. Although internal sliding doors are arguably easier to install, we still recommend using our services in order for it to be fitted successfully. If you are looking to install an external sliding door to open your garden, patio or balcony space, you will ultimately need help from our specialists. Our team will remove any confusion and stress from your behalf by professionally installing your bespoke sliding door system – quickly, carefully and effectively – ready for you to use in no time at all!

Once this process is complete, you will be able to use your sliding door in the comfort of your home. The functionality of sliding doors is simple – the doors slide along a metal track which is fitted professionally into the top and bottom frames. The doors work by using the handle to slide along the track. They require little maintenance and are very easy to use, allowing for easy accessibility for each person who visits your house.

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Sliding Doors By Surbiton Glass

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Do your sliding doors provide effective insulation?

You want your property to be comfortable all year round, whatever the weather. Our bespoke sliding doors let the maximum amount of natural light flow through your property, making it feel light and airy, even on the most gloomy of days. However, that doesn’t mean they let in the chill.

Here at Surbiton Glass, all of our sliding doors are designed with innovative ‘thermal breaks’. These stop the cold air from coming in, allowing you to enjoy a lighter, more open home without lowering the temperature. So your property will stay warm throughout the winter, and you can keep cool in the summer.

Our expert installers are some of the most skilled in the industry, and have extensive experience fitting glass solutions in a range of properties. They will take care of every aspect of the installation of your doors, so you can just relax as we do the hard work.

We know that you want to be able to enjoy your new doors as soon as possible, and we will do all that we can to complete the work as quickly as we can. Our installers are real professionals, and will work hard to make sure that every single thing is perfect.

If you’re going to invest in new doors for your property, you’ll want to be sure that they are as safe and secure as possible. Our sliding doors certainly don’t disappoint there. They are made from toughened glass and sturdy frames that can stand up to an impressive amount of force.

As well as the materials they are made from, our doors are made extra secure thanks to their innovative ‘Secure All’ multipoint locking system. If you have any questions about the security and durability of our sliding doors, then please contact us today for all the information you need.

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