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Roof Lights and Lanterns

Over the years, roof lights and lanterns have increased in popularity due to their sheer ability to add a splash of luxury to the home. Roof lights and lanterns can be constructed to almost any geometric shape from square to octagonal. They can bring natural light into dark extensions, or just add more light for the simple pleasure of it and that is only one of their many benefits.

With Surbiton Glass, you can have roof lights and lanterns installed in no time – the team work together to supply and deliver customers with a first-class service and customers will have a say in every decision we make, ensuring your requirements are actioned without fault.

  • They are high performance and are made with insulated glass and sealants

  • They reduce energy loss and provide water-tightness

  • ​It makes a beautiful architectural feature

The Perfect Addition to your home!

Have you recently extended your home? If so, has it made your home look dark and dull? You may be looking to add more light to your home and you are in luck because our roof lights and lanterns may be the great addition. The sole purpose is to increase the amount of outdoor light radiating indoors – natural light is beneficial to any home because of the added atmosphere, an expansion of space and the fantastic views that seep through the glass.

Not only are roof lights and lanterns pleasing to the eye, but they also add a sleek and classy ambience to the home. Our products are a firm favourite with customers who are looking to enhance modern aspects in the home, as well as improve the overall look of their current interior.

Each product we offer is available to order in various shapes, sizes and materials – these can be specifically chosen and can be incorporated into flat roofs, extensions and kitchens. Every venture carried out with Surbiton Glass is conducted to the best of our team’s ability and dependent upon the project’s difficulty, requirements and availability, we will create the perfect addition to your home.

What will roof lights and lanterns add to my home?

Appearance has and always will be important when it comes to what your home looks like. People always want the best and with Surbiton Glass that is exactly what you will get! There are many benefits of having roof lights and lanterns and some of the main benefits include:

Energy Efficiency: You will be amazed at the amount of light your house will gain! Especially during the summer months as you won’t need to use your lights, therefore reducing energy consumption and costs. Even in the winter months, with the open-air effect, this will allow more light in reducing the amount of artificial light you decide to consume. It also makes a beautiful architectural feature.

Physical and Mental Health: With an increase in natural light, this will have a multitude of other positive impacts on the people living in the house with a roof light or lantern. As soon as the winter months begin to approach, light becomes limited in the later hours of the evening. Studies have shown that a lack of exposure to sunlight has a negative affect and can cause detrimental effects to a person’s health and wellbeing.

Insulation: They are made with insulated glass and sealants, allowing for high-performance and success, this is good because they reduce energy loss and provide water-tightness. Insulated glass will be beneficial to your house because this will reduce heat transferring inside and outside.

Materials used for roof lights and lanterns

The main materials used when installing roof lights and lanterns include: aluminium and uPvc. Aluminium roof lanterns are popular because they are lightweight, adaptable and durable – this is also one of the more recent and modern choices.

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Bring Light Into Dark Extensions

Our roof lights can bring light into dark extensions, or just extra light for the simple pleasure of it!

Surbiton Glass can help you breathe a new life into any room with a touch of sophistication and style.

Above are just a few reasons why our roof lights and lanterns are so popular.

To discover more about the bespoke products we can offer, please contact us today.

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