Stealth Pivot Patented Technology

Stealth pivot is a compact and innovative pivot hinge system that can be fitted inside virtually any door leaf. The innovative hinge is designed to be secured to the top and bottom of any solid surface without the need for any built-in fixtures. 

Its high-tech comfort closure works in all swing directions and can be set up for 180* and 360* like a carousel. When fitted and installed, the hinge remains invisible hence the name Stealth Pivot. PortaPivot offers two variables to its hinge system that creates impressive room dividers of up to 150kg that will feel light as a feather.

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Elite Grade Aluminium

PortaPivot doors are made with anodized aluminium. Anodising is an electrochemical process which converts the metal surface of the material into a decorative, durable and corrosion resistant oxide later. This aluminium oxide is not applied to the surface like a coating or paint, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate. This prevents it from chipping or peeling!

It has an attractive appearance that retails its metal character which is thanks to the durability with being corrosion-resistant and colourfast. The aluminium is also environmentally friendly as it is easy to recycle and can be reused.

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Bespoke Glazing

A set of compact glass patch fittings with PortaPivot are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style. The patches are made of high quality anodized aluminium and are available in black and silver. Porta pivot glass can be fitted with any type of 10mm thick tempered glass. This 10mm tempered glass is highly durable, long lasting, safe and also easy to clean to ensure that these porta pivot doors are low maintenance.

Practical Installation

With a sophisticated and open-space feel, our doors will open your home up into your garden allowing you to feel at one with nature. They are custom made and installed by our experts, with a stress-free and hassle-free installation process. With a wide range of doors, you can choose from over 180 colours, matching them with your existing décor. PortaPivot doors are built-in with a traditional hinge, they can be stronger and more secure.

Innovative Design

PortaPivot doors are available entirely bespoke. This means that you can guarantee they compliment any property with a stylish and contemporary design that will suit any modern home, office or commercial space. As they pivot rather than swing, you do not have to worry about the doors slamming. Pivot doors are the perfect way of making a space feel open but being able to provide privacy when needed.

Modern Aesthetics

PortaPivot doors are becoming more and more popular thanks to their stunning contemporary aesthetics. These internal doors are perfect for properties that desire a more luxurious feel to them. Both homeowners and interior designers agree that PortaPivot doors are a great addition to either a home or a commercial property.  PortaPivot pride themselves on their advanced style.

Sleek Aluminium

PortaPivot pivot door’s large glazing areas are beautifully complimented by their minimal aluminum frames.  Sometimes less is more. These slim yet sturdy frames and fittings are the only part of the PortaPivot door system that is not made of glass, so you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted view into the next room and make the most of the light flowing through your property.

Highly Secure

PortaPivot doors are made with toughened glazing areas as well as robust and durable aluminium. These doors are manufactured following best practices which, paired with their strong materials, makes them wonderfully secure. PortaPivot doors are available with fixed partitions, with minimal aluminum profiles and maximum glazing areas, as well as a range of handle accessories and grid profiles.

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