Quirky Finishing Touches To Add To Your Home Office

Create a Bigger Brighter Home Office With Mirrors in London

Over the years, working from home has becoming increasingly common in many workplaces as companies become more flexible in their working approach. Then 2020 and Coronavirus happened, and businesses needed to adapt more than ever to accommodate working from home and employees needed to create home offices when it became clear that this was not a short term solution.

If you have been putting together a home office over the year, or just want to make it a more inspiring space, we have some great ways to add finishes touches to your home office and make it a place you feel truly inspired and motivated to work in.


One effortless way to make your home office feel bigger and brighter is by adding mirrors. They are the cheat’s way to helping a space feel bigger than it really is and reflect light to make it brighter. A way to really add something special to your home office is creating a mirror wall or installation – this instantly helps a room look more stylish and impressive and opens out an area to help it feel less isolated. Not to mention, the reflection will help you feel like you have company – even if it is just your reflection!

At Surbiton Glass, we could supply and install mirrors in a range of finishes  – from standard silver – grey, bronze or peach tinted or even antique finish mirrors. If you need some inspiration, why not take a look through our gallery to see just how much of a difference incorporating mirrors into a room can make.


Whether it is a motivational quote, something to make you smile, your favourite travel destination or a family photo – hanging some artwork in your home office creates a great focus point and something to get you through those Monday mornings! It does not need to be expensive, there are some great affordable prints available online from independent artists and sellers.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers or plants are a fantastic way of cheering up a room and are a brilliant mood booster. Plants are great for air quality and helps stabilise humidity. They are also great at relieving stress – so why not invest in some foliage for your home office – if you are not great at looking after houseplants then why not try a succulent! Alternatively, why not opt for a fake plant or flowers, we will not tell!

Get Organised

When work gets on top of us it can be easy for our desks to become a mess and overwhelmed with paper, stationery and notes. Bring some organisation to your home office with a stationary organiser and a whiteboard or blackboard to organise your thoughts and to do list! Organising your workspace will help you stay focused – tidy desk, tidy mind!

Stylish Seating

We spend so much time at our desks, so comfort is key. While a home office originally seemed like a temporary solution, it is now time to admit you need to invest in a proper office chair that provides back support and posture. Ditch the dining room chair and find an office chair that works for you. Whether you want something executive or something that takes cues from Danish design – treat yourself to sitting in style.

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