Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2022

New year, new you, new kitchen? The first few months of the year as winter starts to release its grip are often a time to focus on one’s health (whether for a new-year’s resolution or a full lifestyle change), and for spring cleaning. Tying these two together is the kitchen, refreshing your kitchen can be a great way to start fresh and unleash your inner foodie. We’ve scoured sources across the internet to find you five of the top interior design trends for kitchens gaining popularity in 2022.


If you’ve seen our work – you’ll know we love splashbacks, and thankfully they’re trending more than ever, whether it be solid colours, patterns, mirrors, or even personalised photo splashbacks. They are a brilliant mix of aesthetics and practicality, allowing any kitchen to become instilled with the homeowner’s personality, all the while being easy to clean and ultra-hygienic.

Hiding the Clutter

Minimalistic and similar styles such as those suggested by the KonMari method are nothing new, many homeowners are now using smart storage solutions such as handle-less cupboard doors, and space-saving corner drawers to make their kitchens look larger and hide the clutter. Glass shelves are used to display bursts of colour and add a personal touch to a historically impersonal style. Glass jars are also making a comeback as a mix of eco-friendly storage and decoration in one.


Always known as the heart of the home, modern kitchens have gained even more life as so many of us become used to working from home either partially or full time. Thanks to modern electronics’ smaller floorplan, and the clever use of islands/dividers/etc, the modern kitchen can also include a utility room, home office nook, breakfast bar or even fully fledged dining area.

Semi-Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan living spaces are as popular as ever, but not everyone wants a fully open plan kitchen. Some say they prefer to keep kitchen smells and noise enclosed; others just like to have the feeling of separate areas for each purpose. One trend that is making itself known is using half walls and/or glass partitions to keep the kitchen as its own defined ‘zone’ while enjoying the light and spaciousness that comes from an open plan layout.

Two-Toned Kitchens

Neutral, natural-coloured kitchens are still much more popular than bright 70s patterns and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon – although some are becoming tempted by patterned and geometric kitchen wallpapers. Colour is making a tentative comeback with the popularity of two-toned kitchens, using splashbacks, planters and gadgets as bursts of brighter colour, while calmer, lighter tones maintain the light, open feel.

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