How to Get Open Plan Living Right

Many of us dream of an open plan living space, but it can be surprisingly hard to get it right. All too often open plan living spaces can feel cold and cavernous, with little privacy or areas to relax. So if you’re planning to create an open plan space, be sure to read our top tips! As the leading sliding door supplier London has to offer, we’re ideally placed to help you do open plan living in a way that works for you.

Open plan living using sliding doors

The best open plan layouts are versatile and there should always be an option for closing off certain areas when needed. Maybe you want to shut out the noise of people watching TV while you’re trying to cook in the kitchen or want to give children a separate area to play while you relax. Our sliding doors for open plan living are a great investment, as even when they are closed, they will still let light flow through the space, but will give you the privacy you crave.

Create zones in an open plan living space

A lot of the problems with open plan living come from the fact that very few homeowners effectively create zones throughout their living space. There should be an area for cooking, an area for eating, and an area for relaxing. It’s easy to create separate zones by using furniture – a breakfast bar or island can separate the kitchen from the dining area, and a bookcase can keep the dining space separate from the TV area.

Use paint wisely

Different wall colours can help you to differentiate between different areas of your open plan space. Light colours in the kitchen and then deeper, warmer colours in the living area will help to set the mood for these different zones and will stop the open plan space from feeling cavernous. If you don’t want to get your roller out, you can also help to create these zones with different kinds of lighting, carpeting and accessories.

Play with floor and ceiling levels

Different floor levels can help you to do open plan living right. This will allow you to maintain that flowing space but create distinct areas that have their own individual purpose. It can be quite a big undertaking though, and in some properties it may not be possible. Alternatively, the addition of beams can help to make part of a room feel less tall. You can also create the illusion of different levels with low hanging pendant lights and wall mounted storage at ceiling height.

Enquire about our sliding doors for open plan living

Here at Surbiton Glass, we’ll be able to provide you with an open plan living space that looks great and works for you and your family. We will be able to get started on the sliding doors installation at your earliest convenience so that you can enjoy your new doors as soon as possible. An open plan living area adds so much to a property – but sliding doors give you the flexibility you need in a modern home.

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