How Mirrors Can Improve the Aesthetic of Your Home

Few objects have the power to transform a room more than a mirror – so if you’re looking to improve the overall look of your home, it’s a great place to start. As the experts in mirror installation London clients trust, we’re on hand to help you make your home as beautiful as it can be. Here’s why people can’t get enough of our mirrors!

Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors can make even the smallest room appear bigger. If you aren’t blessed with a lot of space in your home, then strategically placed mirrors can make a room feel much more open and spacious. The bigger a mirror, the more space it will appear to add to a room – so a floor to ceiling mirror will give the area a serious boost. When we come to visit your property, we’ll advise on where to place your mirror to really maximise the illusion of space.

Add Style and Flair to A Room

Adding a mirror to a room creates a really big style statement too. Our bespoke mirrors are crafted to your exact specifications, so if you have a vision that you are trying to bring to life in your home, we will be able to help! They look great above a mantelpiece, add instant flair to a home gym or dance studio, and can even be installed outside to create the illusion of a larger garden. They’re the perfect finishing touch to any space, and work well with both modern and more traditional design schemes.

Mirrors Boost Light

If you aren’t lucky enough to have lots of natural light flooding through your home, then a mirror will allow you to amplify what light there is to work with. Placing them opposite a window will catch the light at just the right angle, and will make the whole room feel lighter and brighter. If you have a great view, then placing your mirror opposite the window will also make the most of that and bring the great outdoors in. This will make even the darkest room feel much brighter.

Why Opt for A Bespoke Mirror?

With the high street full of mirrors, why go for a bespoke model? Well, as we mentioned, a bespoke mirror will have been crafted to your exact measurements. If you have had trouble finding a mirror that fits, or if your room has unusual dimensions, then a bespoke mirror will look so much nicer. We’ll listen carefully to what you want from your mirror, and will take into account the room and what it’s used for before we come up with a final design.

The Mirror Installation London Clients Love

Here at Surbiton Glass, we have been creating bespoke mirrors in London for a number of years. Our customers know that they can count on us to deliver a fantastic service, from that first phone call all the way through to the installation.

Our number one priority is your satisfaction, and we’ll do everything that we can to make the process of creating the perfect mirror for your home as smooth and stress free as possible.

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