Why Bi-Folding Doors Are Becoming More Popular Than the Traditional French Door

Are you looking to add a new set of glass doors to your home? Then you are probably wondering which is the better option – French doors or bi-fold doors? More and more homeowners are opting for the latter – and the good news is if you’re looking for a great bi-fold door supplier London is the place to be! Here at Surbiton Glass, we have seen what makes bi-fold doors so popular.

Save on space

One reason homeowners love bi fold doors is that they take up much less space than French doors. When you open your French doors out onto your outside space, the doors themselves will infringe on that area. If you only have a small outdoor space such as a patio garden, then those open doors will really get in the way. When bi-fold doors are opened, they fold down to almost nothing – leaving you free to enjoy a space with no obstructions.

Allow you to enjoy your view

Many French doors are surrounded by bulky frames which obscure your view. On a day where the weather is cold, but you still want to feel connected to nature, this really can be annoying. Bi-folding doors have a sleek, minimalist design. Our bi-fold doors are designed with a view in mind, making us the bi-folding door installers London clients recommend. So your outlook will be largely uninterrupted.

More secure than French doors

A lot of people worry about keeping their homes secure, and so installing bi-fold doors is actually a very easy way of doing that. French doors usually only lock from one point, making you vulnerable to a break in. Bi-fold doors, on the other hand, lock from multiple points – making them a much more popular option. So when it comes to your glass door installation, make sure that you opt for the most secure choice.

The versatile option

Our bi-folding doors are so versatile. Thanks to their sleek, minimal design they are suited to a wide variety of homes. Many of our clients own modern homes in the capital, and our bi-folding doors just fit in perfectly with those. However, they are the perfect way to update an older property and add a modern touch in a way French doors just cannot. Whatever the style of your property, we’ll have the perfect doors for you. That’s why we’re the bi-folding door supplier London clients trust.

Bring the outdoors in

Last but not least, bi-fold doors totally open up your home in a way that French doors cannot. In the warmer months, you can open then up to create a seamless path from the great indoors to the interior of your home. During those warm summer days, it will really feel as if the garden is an extension of your living space, flooding your home with lots of natural light.

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