5 Top Tips To Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

Easy Solutions To Upgrade Your Home

Whether you have moved into a new property or want to upgrade or redecorate your existing property, there are some easy steps you can take to make it feel more luxurious and welcoming. Here, we take you through our five top tips to making your home feel luxurious.

Install A Glass Balustrade

A glass balustrade instantly adds a sense of luxury to a home, helping to open out an area and make a staircase bannister or balcony look modern and stylish. There are a number of ways you can use a glass balustrade in your home, such as along the stairs, a balcony area or to create a terrace or divided section without making the room feel smaller. Surbiton Glass can provide glass balustrades London for all types of purposes.

Create A Feature Wall

Feature walls have become increasingly popular over the years but one way of really creating a luxury feel to a home is creating a feature wall with beautifully designed high quality wallpaper. There are some beautiful detailed artistic designs you can purchase which can instantly add value and vibrancy to a room. Choosing one feature wall allows this to become a focal point for a room and makes it more affordable to invest in.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors help to make rooms feel large thanks to their reflection, so if you want parts of your home to feel larger and brighter, invest in mirrors to help open the space out. You could even create a mirror wall feature which provide a stylish focus point and help to make narrow areas of a room feel wider.

As well as being able to check you’re looking your best at all times of the day, you will benefit from increased light in a room and a unique feature you and your guests can’t help but admire!

Add Layers

Adding additional elements of detail and texture to a room helps to make it look and feel more luxurious and expensive. Choose a particular colour palette and key pieces you can add to make a room feel complete such as a throw draped perfect over an armchair or sofa, a thick pile or beautifully designed rug to break up a floor space, plants or accessories to add detail to empty spaces, a strategically placed coffee table book or candle. It’s not about clutter but key elements that complete a room.

Light The Way

A well designed lighting fixture with stylish design elements are perfect for instantly adding value and luxury to a room. Whether you want to install a chandelier or a lamp shade with reflective glass elements, modernistic design or tiered design, the perfect lighting fixture can add an instant feel of luxury and style to a room. It’s such a central point of your home that it pays to invest in something special.

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