• Mirrored glass or standard solid colour finish is available for your Splashback.
  • Your Splashback can be quickly, yet efficiently installed in any commercial or domestic indoor setting, not just kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Our mirrors offer an expansive feel to your setting.
  • Installation of our mirrors are suitable for home, gym and dance studio interiors.

Features of our Guildford Splashbacks

Offering full functionality and complete customisability, our bespoke glass splashbacks are available in a wide array of variations. From standard colours, mirrored glass and digitally printed images, every client has the ability to choose their preferred aesthetic and design-work, allowing them to make the creative statement they’ve always yearned for when refurbishing their property. In recent years, the popularity of our glass splashbacks has rapidly increased. They are quickly becoming the desired alternative to plain and muted walls, transforming enclosed settings into an exuberantly expansive and artistic backdrop.

Whichever room you decide to professionally install your glass splashback, we guarantee complete contentment and satisfaction from your chosen product, ultimately inspires efficiency and encouraging productivity. Custom fit to any wall, our vibrant splashbacks are custom-made to specially fit any socket cut-outs or additional openings in the refurbished area. A full assessment will be carried out in advance of the manufacturing process to ensure all dimensions are appropriately measured to the correct sizing. Regarding the condition and circumstance of your property, our specialists will offer guidance on the features you may require for your splashback.

Our Bespoke Glass Mirrors

Complementing an entire aesthetic within a room, our Guildford mirrors are the ideal addition to any property. With an array of customisable features, we guarantee ultimate satisfaction of all your expectations, allowing optimal functioning and fulfilment of creative opulence. By enhancing any space with our large glass mirrors, these can be installed to bathrooms, bedrooms, leisure studios and other commercial or residential uses. Encapsulating an expanse of style and luxury, once these have been installed, you will be truly stunned by their sheer flexibility and versatility.

Suitable for all areas, our bespoke glass solutions are produced with toughened safety glass and are able to be situated behind heat sources, such as furnaces, ovens and fireplaces. Because of their adaptable nature, our bespoke glass solutions can offer a complete multi-purpose performance wherever you wish for it to be fitted. Able to be installed with a variety of different designs, we always listen to client’s preferences and ensure we adhere our services to suit these requirements. The ideal alternative to small mirrored accessories, our full-length reflections are quickly increasing in popularity due to their ability to offer an illusion of a more capacious area.

The Installation of Our Guildford Mirrors and Splashbacks

Delivering first-class results within the installation process of our Mirrors and Splashbacks, our glass products are specially designed to provide a cutting-edge fitting, as well as showing all the possibilities available to your Guildford Property. Offering full accessibility to all clients, we understand that people live busy lives and struggle to find the time to carry out DIY in their home. In addition, finding the correct measurements can often prove challenging, especially due to customers not owning the appropriate tools, as well as them not obtaining the necessary knowledge in order to efficiently complete the installation themselves.

Not only do our architectural features embellish a sense of extravagance into your home, but they are specially designed to be both a decorative and practical item that protects water splashback in areas, such as kitchens, sinks and bathrooms. Working closely with clients to guarantee lasting fulfilment, when mounting mirrors and splashbacks, their toughened glass safety feature makes them suitable for fitting in any property, whatever the circumstance. The possibilities are endless, and the only way you’re able to find out is to enquire about the services we provide.

Surbiton Glass are Available to Help

Here at Surbiton Glass, we have friendly customer service representatives who can offer you professional advice on your designs to ensure you get what you want at a price that you can afford. With individually, made-to-measure Guildford Mirrors and Splashbacks, you can use these to transform and renovate your current interior which may require development and improvement. Get in touch today by giving us a call on 020 8399 4850 for more information and to get your impending questions answered by the experts.

Kitchen Mirrored Splashback

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