Installing our Roof Lights and Windows

Before our bespoke roof lights and windows are delivered to, and installed in your Richmond home, our team at Surbiton Glass will assess your property, collecting all the appropriate measurements and information required to ensure your roof lights and windows are installed correctly.

Features of our Roof Lights and Windows

The roof lights and windows that we install in Richmond are an excellent way to create a sleek and classy ambience to your household. Not only will our bespoke glass subtly compliment your Richmond home, but it will also add a refined and affluent feel to the setting. Visitors will be more than impressed with your new aluminium or uPVC windows and roof light; leaving them so envious they’ll be wanting one for themselves!

Our elegant roof lights and windows we offer in Richmond, are the perfect addition to any home, the open-space feel will create an expansive atmosphere and the natural light that seeps through the glass will highlight your vibrant interior.

We specifically tailor our gorgeous glass products to suit the particular requirements our customers desire. All the services we offer here at Surbiton Glass are made to order, meaning that you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, which is an essential factor to ensure they match your interior and suit the colour scheme in your home. Our specialists aim to make every order unique for every customer, so if you’re feeling particularly creative, contact our team to discuss your preferences in further detail and we’ll suggest what is viable and what isn’t.

Benefits of our Roof Lights and Windows in Richmond

Richmond is famous for its wealthy and prosperous culture; making it the perfect place to get one of the finest exterior alterations we have to offer. However, looks are not the only reason why people install our glass products. There are various other benefits to our high-quality and luxurious windows and roof lights; some of which have been listed below:

Insulation: Our deluxe roof lights and windows are equipped with insulated glass and sealants to ensure its thermal protection performs effectively. Stay snug and cosy during colder seasons as our luxurious windows and sky lanterns are designed to encapsulate the warmth of your home, eliminating any possibility of any unwanted drafts invading your household.

Cost-Effective: If you’re looking for a high-quality, yet affordable accessory to your home, then look no further. Our contemporary windows and sky lights are the perfect preventative to stop you using any artificial lighting in your home and increasing your hefty electricity bills. Our gorgeous windows and roof lanterns expose the natural light of the outdoors and radiates your entire home, creating the illusion of an expansive feel to your setting.

“Very professional from start to finish. I asked for a quote which was organised immediately. The timeline was exact and the work carried out very professionally. I was delighted with the overall result.”

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If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication and charm to your Richmond home, then look no further. Our bespoke glass experts at Surbiton Glass can help you and with over 50 years in this industry we aim to not only meet, but exceed each and every one of our client’s expectations.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and contemporary to add a calm ambience to you room, or maybe you want a unique window fitted to make a vibrant and striking statement to your home? Whatever you’re looking for our Surbiton specialists are certain they can handle it! So, add some personality to your home by contacting us today on 020 8399 4850.

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