• Create an unbroken flow from a traditional living space to a patio or garden are
  • All bi fold doors are custom made and installed by our experts
  • Choose from over 180 colours and match your doors with your existing décor
  • Add optional internal blinds to your bifolding doors

Features of our Bifold Doors

Relish the combination of natural light, revitalizing air, and panoramic vistas. Our bifold doors are meticulously tailored and expertly installed, ensuring a seamless transformation. Choose from a diverse spectrum of over 180 colours to harmonise with your Oxshott home’s aesthetics.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our bifold doors excel in functionality. They usher in abundant light, accentuating your interior’s vibrant palette while fostering an expansive ambiance. The fluid transition from indoors to the outdoor sanctuary ensures you bask in the beauty of your garden panoramas. With our top-notch bifold doors, your traditional living space seamlessly merges with your garden, enhancing the overall allure. Their versatility extends to families with pets or children, providing a convenient access point to and from your Oxshott garden.

What are Bifold Doors?

Over the years, the allure of these doors has surged, driven by their contemporary elegance and opulent aura that sets these bifold doors apart from conventional French or sliding doors. Their sleek contours and modern charm have entranced homeowners, resulting in an escalating demand. The presence of bifold doors possesses the enchanting ability to transform your living space, instilling an air of boundless openness that imprints an indelible mark on your guests’ impressions, enveloping them in a sense of comfort and delight.

The advantages of installing Bi Folding Doors

Some of the advantages of having Bifold Doors installed in your Oxshott home include:

Accessibility: When investing your money into your house, you want to be happy with the product that you have invested your money in. Their ease of operation and brilliant reliability will leave you feeling 100% satisfied with our service and products. The increase in space will also allow for easier access to the whole space at once.

Optional Features: The service we offer is made to order, meaning that any requirement you suggest can be considered and applied by our experts. If you are looking for more privacy, you have the option to add internal blinds which will create a more secluded and personal feel.

Practicality: Bifold Doors are designed to suit and fit your home. Their flexibility and custom-made aspects will allow for an increase in space compared to your normal door and can be made to specifically suit your home with the various styles, colours and finishes.

How secure and practical are Bifold Doors?

When installing anything to your home, the security of this is an aspect which should always be considered in depth. Safety is key, and the right measures need to be put in place to ensure this, no short cuts should be applied when security and protection is involved.

By activating locking points at multiple locations, such as the top, bottom, and sides of the door or window, you create a distributed force that makes it much harder to break through. This approach significantly improves the overall security of your Cobham home and acts as a deterrent to potential burglars.

Contact us for a Contemporary Range of Bifold Doors

If you’re interested in viewing our range of Bifold Doors, contact our team to find out more. Our team specialise in the installation of these doors and will be able to answer any questions you may have!

Do bifold doors provide insulation?

The insulation provided by these doors is an important factor in preventing any gaps or openings that could otherwise permit heat to escape or cold air to infiltrate. The result is an optimization of your heating and cooling endeavors, translating into enhanced home comfort in Oxshott.

The decision to invest in energy efficient bifold doors holds multifaceted benefits. Beyond elevating your living comfort, it plays a significant role in minimizing your carbon footprint and curbing energy expenses. It’s commendable to observe how Surbiton Glass acknowledges the pivotal role of insulation in bifold doors, offering homeowners a splendid opportunity to indulge in the allure of an open-plan ambiance without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Will bifold doors add value to my home?

The visual appeal and functionality of bifold doors stand as a captivating proposition for individuals who hold a penchant for a living environment characterized by modernity and expansiveness. In an area such as Oxshott, where residents prioritise a lifestyle defined by spaciousness and connectivity, bifold doors serve as a valuable addition that merges practicality with aesthetics, creating a haven of elegance and relaxation in your home.

“Very professional from start to finish. I asked for a quote which was organised immediately. The timeline was exact and the work carried out very professionally. I was delighted with the overall result.”

Mr & Mrs Parsons

Thames Ditton

A Contemporary Range of Bi-Folding Doors

You can merge natural light and a contemporary vibe into your home with these exquisite additions. Built for durability, our bifold doors ensure long-lasting performance and increase your Oxshott home’s value and aesthetics.
To find out more about our bifold doors today keep reading, otherwise you can get a hassle free online quote or contact our friendly team at 020 8399 4850

Are bi fold doors secure?

Understandably, the safety and security of your home is your number one priority. While our bi fold doors have a sleek, streamlined design, that doesn’t mean that they are in any way fragile. All of our bi fold doors are made from materials of the highest quality, and they can stand up to a great amount of force.

Here at Surbiton Glass, we use ‘Secure All’ multipoint locking systems in all of our bespoke bi fold doors. This makes them some of the most secure available on the market today, giving you total peace of mind when you lock up.

Over our years in the industry, we have become one of the most trusted providers of made to measure bi fold doors. Just take a look at the reviews from our clients. The quality craftsmanship, expert installation and great customer care means that you really do get a lot for your money.

Our bi fold doors are made to meet the unique needs of each client, which means that prices vary from project to project. If you get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team today, they’ll be able to give you the information that you need.

Of course, you want your new doors to look perfect! Our bi fold doors come in a huge range of colours – over 180 in fact. So whatever your current décor, we are sure to have the shade that perfectly complements it. Our doors are the perfect additions to both modern and traditional properties, and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

To find out more about the design options available to you, please get in touch with us today. We’re on hand to offer advice and help you choose the colour and finish that is perfect for your property.

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