Differences between Glass Balustrades and Juliet Balconies

Our glass balustrades turn functional into a feature, bringing maximum daylight to flow freely into your room, creating the illusion of a wider and brighter space. The glass feature gives the whole house a spacious feel. They also have a wide variety of functions and work well for both, your interior and exterior, making them a great replacement for your old balconies and ruined banisters.

With our Juliet balconies you no longer have to worry about the dangers of your accessible French doors, as they can now be fully opened, allowing you to enjoy the spectacular views from the luxury of your own home.

Our Juliet Balconies and Glass Balustrades in Guildford

Here at Surbiton Glass we specialise in high-quality, cost-effective and versatile glass installations, which guarantee to add a sense of luxury and extravagance to your home. With every balcony and balustrade, our expert team aim to add unique features that suit each of our customers specific preferences.
Juliet Balconies: The possibilities are truly endless! We can embellish an obscure and original design to your glass Juliet balconies, allowing you to make a striking statement to the exterior of your home. For those who are looking to add a modern feel to your home, we also employ clear glazing which compliments the simplistic and contemporary aesthetic of the exterior.
Glass Balustrades: The glass balustrades that we offer in Guildford are a multipurpose, affordable solution that delivers a high-quality and flawless aesthetic in and outside of your home. With a choice of clear or obscure glazing, our balustrades are the perfect option for those who are feeling particularly creative and want to embellish a unique design onto the glass. They also come available with or without a handle rail, so depending on where you want them installed, it’ll be a fantastic accessory to your home.

Benefits of Glass Balustrades and Juliet Balconies

The glass balustrades and Juliet balconies that we offer in Guildford are becoming increasingly popular for all types of homes. There are various reasons as to why they are becoming more and more common; some of which are listed below:
Aesthetic: Modern design is on the rise and with one of our classic Juliet balconies or latest glass balustrades, you’ll certainly be able to define your home as trendy and contemporary. Dazzle your visitors with one of our stunning embellished balconies or balustrades to make a dramatic statement in your home. Whatever your looking for, we guarantee that our bespoke glass will make a great addition to your Guildford home.
Lighting and Spectacular Views: Both Juliet balconies and glass balustrades are known for letting a large amount of natural light into your room, creating the illusion of a more spacious and brighter room. Depending on where they are fitted, your balcony can present you with spectacular views, allowing you to appreciate the gorgeous scenery just from your bedroom.
Durability: In comparison to other materials, glass is not only hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also extremely durable and long-lasting. When installing your luxurious balcony or balustrade, our team use toughened laminated safety glass to increase its hard-wearing quality.

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