Surbiton Glass can produce any specification of glass shower screens, mirrors, shelves and bath panels which will truly pass the tests of time, style and budget for your Bathroom

At Surbiton Glass we design a vast array of shower screens and wet rooms, featuring exclusive hinges and fittings. Our screens will provide the inspiration you need to create your own perfect oasis.

We spend a lot of time with glassware and always aim to maximise its value in your home. There are so many examples of the brilliance our products can bring to your home, whether used to eliminate dark and otherwise gloomy sections of your home, or to double the optical space of a room, our timeless features will suit any style, from classic to modern.

One or two bathroom mirrors are a standard feature, however taking this idea and moving it further can turn your bathroom into a oasis of beauty. With mirrors naturally emulating the refection of water, where better than your wet-room to take advantage of the water elements feng shui. Whether using framed mirrors, mirrored doors, or mirrored splashbacks, add style and beauty to any bathroom.

While almost an essential item in your bathroom already, you can make any room appear more spacious by simply adding mirrors, glass shelves, glass bath panels etc, along with the use of glass wherever you would normally expect to see tiles. Surbiton Glass cut and polish mirror or glass to any size, shape and colour.

Trade Bodies

Below are the links to the trade bodies that govern the glazing industry. We are fully compliant with all safety, building and other relevant regulations. See this page for more details.

Additionally  we are members of Check a Trade, a consumer rights protection scheme.  

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