Using glass in your home

Incredibly strong, incredibly flexible in use, glass can transform your homeSimple yet stunning  and transforms an ordinary porch into a head turnerTurn an open plan stair into a small work of artMirrors, fish tanks, table tops - almost anything is possible
 When you think of glass in your home you probably think about windows, but at Surbiton Glass that is just the beginning.  Surbiton Glass leads the field of glass processing for all domestic, commercial and retail environments.

Shower Screens

Surbiton Glass specialise in the production and installation of bespoke frameless showers and bath screens in a choice of styles and finishes.

Manufactured in either 8 mm or 10 mm Toughened Glass to safety  standards BS6206 class A, all the shower screens are suitable for installations over baths, shower trays and wet room tiles.

Glass panels and doors can be fixed into position by either stainless steel brackets or wall fixed channels and silicone. Waterproofing is achieved by the use of acrylic seals that are clipped onto the edge of the glass.

Splash Backs, Shelving And Glass Tops

With advances in glass Ultra Violet glass bonding there are now practically unlimited design possibilities.

The potential of this allows glass to be bonded directly to glass, plastic, stone, metal. This creates a joint stronger than the two materials joined. Incredible strength eliminates the need for unsightly mechanical fixings, ideal for:

Bathroom or kitchen shelving units
Retail display features and cabinets
Merchandising shelves and product displays.
Glass furniture, including dinning room tables,  coffee tables and reception desks.

In conjunction with some top retail designers, Glass Design have been developing & manufacturing the most innovative retail display products that are now used extensively throughout the High Street. With over 10 years of experience in this field it is fair to say that Glass Design is market leaders in Quality, Innovation and Expertise of U.V Bonding

Balustrades and balconies

Our ‘Cooltemper’ flat glass toughening plant allows DG Glass Design to offer a full range of bespoke glass balustrades and balconies (10-19 mm thick), in straight, shaped or curved formations.

The glass finishes range from tinted, sandblasted, painted or textured glass. Combined with our fabrication facilities for both metal work and joinery these can be combined to produce an endless range of possibilities.

Glass doors, glass partitioning and curtain walls

Conventional modern construction uses wooden doors and plasterboard walls but it doesn’t have to be that way. Open plan living is not for everyone but the same feeling of space can be achieved with glass walling that allows light and openness with the advantage of  sound insulation and better zoning of space. Glass doors, which of course are completely safe add a most distinctive and architectural quality to a home refurbishment.

Whatever your glass needs, whatever your imagination creates it is almost certain that we have a product that can make your plans a reality…

… and of course don’t forget the windows!

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